Top 10 Artists and Albums of All Time on UK And US Album Charts

In 1948, for Columbia, classical music was the main destination of new longplaying records. However, when first album charts started in 1955 in America and 1 year later in UK, it was clear that pop music will be dominant.

The first Number 1 albums in US and UK,respectively, were:

  • 28.05.1955 – US album chart – „Crazy Otto” [Decca, honky-tonk piano];
  • 28.07.1956 – UK album chart – Frank Sinatra – „Songs For Swingin’ Lovers” [Capitol].

OK, in the end of 2023 year we can look at UK and US album charts from quite a long perspective. It is good to know the lists of longest rivers and highest mountains… And it could be also interesting to create all time lists of top artists and albums. I believe it is different with albums than with singles. I mean sales figures are the most important for singles. So, how many millions of records were sold.

However, in order to measure somehow the long term importance of albums and artists one has much better tool – WEEKS ON CHART. So, how long the respective albums find their buyers.

Taking into consideration the whole period from the 50s till 31.12.2023 and adding weeks on charts, totally, you will find below the 10 top artists and albums ever in UK and US, respectively:

UK Artists

2Fleetwood Mac2112
3The Beatles2074
5Michael Jackson1986
6David Bowie1848
7Elvis Presley1829
9Ed Sheeran1542
10Elton John1490

US Artists

1The Beatles3236
3Elvis Presley2568
4Frank Sinatra2498
5Taylor Swift2382
7Johnny Mathis2200
8Michael Jackson2046
9The Rolling Stones2030
10Elton John2028

UK Albums

1Abba's Gold – Greatest Hits1136
2Bob Marley & The Wailers' Legend1114
3Queen's Greatest Hits1082
4Fleetwood Mac's Rumours1025
5Oasis' [What's The Story] Morning Glory?625
6Eminem's Curtain Call: The Hits598
7Michael Jackson's Number Ones587
8Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon572
9Amy Winehouse's Back To Black540
10Oasis – "Time Flies 1994-2007"538

US Albums

1Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon988
2Bob Marley & The Wailers' Legend816
3Journey's Greatest Hits786
4Metallica [1991]736
5Creedence Clearwater Revival's Chronicle690
6Eminem's Curtain Call: The Hits664
7Guns N' Roses' Greatest Hits656
8Bruno Mars' Doo-Wops & Hoologans656
9Nirvana's Nevermind650
10Michael Jackson's Thriller606

British fans have their Official Charts and American ones – Billboard 200. And what about European non-British fans? We are closer to UK chart, however, Billboard 200 cannot be neglected, absolutely. And that’s my „invention” – total weeks on British chart are corrected with a half of weeks on Billboard 200. Why a half? In order to reduce dominance of Billboard 200. I mean US chart includes 200 albums, whereas UK chart – 100 albums only.

Results? Well, thanks to American Queen-scepticism […] Queen is landing on my list at Number 3 „only”. And Number 1 are still The Beatles! On the other hand, thanks to dominating British preferences, „Journey’s Greatest Hits” [nothing against…] are No. 40 „only” on my list… Again, an American Abba-scepticism makes their „Gold – Greatest Hits” No. 4 „only” on my list. These are just a few examples of advantages of those my „clever” lists…

So, top 10 artists and albums ever – from point of view of non-British European fan – are:

Top 10 Artists (UK + 1/2 US)

1The Beatles3699
2Elvis Presley3125
4Michael Jackson3034
5Fleetwood Mac2889
6Taylor Swift2737
8Elton John2518
9Frank Sinatra2324
10David Bowie2272

Top 10 Albums (UK + 1/2 US)

1Bob Marley & The Wailers' Legend1522
2Queen's Greatest Hits1369
3Fleetwood Mac's Rumours1305
4Abba's Gold – Greatest Hits1289
5Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon1066
6Eminem's Curtain Call: The Hits930
7Nirvana's Nevermind761
8Guns N'Roses' Greatest Hits733
9The Beatles - „1”714
10Michael Jackson's Number Ones698

For more – see below! You will find there also, written by small digits, exact number of weeks on UK and US chart, respectively, for each artist and album. OK, the US figures should be obviously multiplied by 2.

By the way, I think my lists of all time should be interesting for all worldwide fans located closer to UK than US. And, obviously, having no their own representative charts in their countries.