Across The Global LP Discography

Let’s imagine… An alien is asking you about popular music. How would you start your story? In „The Bourne Identity” movie there is a similar scene. Marie is asking Jason about his favourite pop artist. But Jason had amnesia…

Looking for some convenient way of penetration of global pop discography, one should not overlook personal links connecting various albums. I mean names of composers, musicians etc. In such a case the below all time lists could be really helpful, orientating you non-stop to top artists and albums. Like a compass for a sailor on vastness of the ocean… Or GPS for a driver. An example?

Let’s start from the top artist The Beatles and their top album „1”. Looking for an album connected with „1” by a personal link, you should start your searching from the top of the list of artists and then – the album list. If you followed my instruction, you would find Paul McCartney and then – Band On The Run. And then, case by case, giant by giant:

  • The Beatles’ 1;
  • Paul McCartney & Wings’ Band On The Run;
  • Elvis Presley’s On Stage, February 1970,
  • Frank Sinatra’s Trilogy: Past, Present & Future,
  • Barbra Streisand’s Duets,
  • Neil Diamond’s The Jazz Singer,
  • Johnny Mathis’ Song Sung Blue,
  • Stevie Wonder’s Love Songs: 20 Classic Hits,
  • Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall,
  • Queen’s Forever,
  • Best of Bowie etc. etc. etc.

Nice route, isn’t it? And this could be a kind of never ending route – across the global LP discography!