My „History of Longplay” is a specific look at the whole long playing story – from its beginning in June 1948 up to now. You will learn something new [hopefully] about first public presentation of Columbia LPs in Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in June 1948. Can one be sure of the date? There are a few versions in internet… So, do you know when is the LP’s birthday, exactly? Do you know the full list of those famous 101 LPs ex Waldorf-Astoria? Do you think, that discographies of all artists ex Waldorf-Astoria would have to include their respective LPs under SIGNIFICANT RECORDINGS? And what is the reality? Do you know why ML 4002 should be considered as the first LP of all time – and not ML 4001? How to compare importance of Elvis Presley and, just for example, Ed Sheeran in the whole history of pop music? Do you know the list of top artists and albums of all time on UK and US charts 1955 – 31.12.2023? And if you were not UK and not US fan, would you like to know some compilation of these all time UK/US lists? What about your look at the global LP discography in period 1955 – 31.12.2023? Can you imagine any way to penetrate it, somehow?

You are welcome to my History of Longplay!!!